Premier Oilfield Laboratories has acquired MUD Geochemical, Inc.

Premier Oilfield Laboratories (POL) has acquired MUD Geochemical, Inc., a geochemical laboratory and consulting company that provides X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis, and other geophysical services. MUD Geochemical brings a progressive big data approach to geochemical consulting and subsurface analysis, utilizing state of the art instrumentation to characterize resource plays at a significantly higher resolution than conventional techniques.

MUD Geochemical, based in Austin, TX, was founded by Nathan Ganser and other alumni from the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas, Austin graduates along with Harry Rowe, a research professor at the Jackson School and Bureau of Economic Geology (or “BEG”). “This acquisition enables us to better serve our customer base with expanded capabilities, products and services.  POL is working to introduce innovative solutions to the market and expand operations to best meet our customer needs,” said Steve Cobb CEO of Premier Oilfield Laboratories.

While industry standard techniques are to sample reservoir rock at the foot scale, MUD Geochemical has developed the means to quantitatively analyze on the inch to mm scale that is both faster, better calibrated/accurate, and cheaper than industry equipment. MUD serves some of the largest and most successful operators in North Americaunconventional shale and has focused primarily, to date, on the Permian/W Texas and EagleFord shales. “Premier empowers us with the tools and resources to significantly scale-up what we have built tirelessly over the past two and a half years, and will push industry science to the limit,” says Nathan Ganser, the CEO of MUD Geochemical, Inc., who has joined POL’s team as the Director of Geochemical Services.

POL’s Senior VP Technical Sales, Allen D Howard said, “Premier is utilizing this ability to quickly generate thousands of quantitative data points on individual cores and in the analysis of cuttings to improve subsurface basin scale models, and better understanding variations in organic and inorganic components on a scale never analyzed. The geological complexities and heterogenous nature of unconventional plays makes this type of high-resolution formation evaluation technique quite practical, which is a focus at Premier Oilfield Laboratories.”

About Premier Oilfield Laboratories: Premier Oilfield Laboratories brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts who utilize breakthrough technologies and progressive approaches to help our clients understand how to better design exploration and exploitation strategies, optimize production and mitigate risk. Please visit Premier Oilfield Laboratories at

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