power of sharing

No one company can acquire and analyze enough

data on its own to achieve what’s

possible through the power of shared data.

At Premier Corex, we believe the data-driven oil and gas industry is here, and that generating and sharing relevant data from rock and fluid samples is the key to more effective and more efficient hydrocarbon development.

Our unique approach to sharing the cost of core and cuttings analyses harnesses the power of multi-company solutions and crowd funding.  By contributing data to a library that benefits the whole industry, eligible clients benefit from dramatically lower analysis costs.

And, when it comes to sharing data between companies, we’ve developed a compelling shared workspace approach that preserves confidentiality while allowing member companies to benefit from more robust models and integrated, high-resolution simulations.


The cost


how it works

  • 1 Client develops scope of work for whole core, core plug, sidewall core, and/or cuttings analysis.
  • 2 Premier determines whether scope qualifies for Shared Cost Program based on potential value to the DataStak™ library.
  • 3 Eligible clients receive a proposal at a significantly reduced price point.
  • 4 Client and Premier negotiate final scope of work and any applicable exclusivity period
  • 5 Client obtains significantly more data – and greater return on its investment
  • 6 Data become part of the DataStak™ library


The data


how it works

  • 1 Premier identifies an area where several operating companies are tackling similar challenges
  • 2 Founder Member companies sponsor a shared workspace project and form an organizing committee to prioritize the scope of work
  • 3 Member companies contribute data of all types and formats into the shared workspace, including seismic, logs, core, cuttings, and drilling, completion and stimulation data
  • 4 Premier executes the work - typically a seismic-to-simulation workflow – to address various field development challenges
  • 5 Clients receive superior, high-resolution models and simulations for field development decision making
  • 6 Member companies develop trust, proposing and co-funding additional data-gathering and analysis. Additional companies may be invited to join.