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Instant Access to Consistent, Reliable Rock Property Data

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  • Refine and calibrate petrophysical models using compositional rock data

  • Determine source rock quality and organic content

  • Determine value and economics of a play without having to drill

  • Leverage Premier’s expertise for enhanced data interpretations and applications

Creating a Consistent Language to Understand and Compare Wells, Formations, and Targets

Premier Sample Library

  • Core and cuttings from every major US basin

  • Over 50 million individual samples

  • Free storage for donated cuttings and core

  • Generate data at discounted rates

Largest Independent Rock Property Lab Team

  • In-house analysis ensures the most consistent data

  • 60+ Geoscientists and data analysts

  • Rapid, accurate measurement techniques

  • Advanced cuttings analysis using proprietary techniques

DataStak™ Online Marketplace

  • License data at any scale, from single points to entire basins

  • Built-in decision-making tools

  • Companion well logs available, plus customizable tops and structures

  • Secure on-demand data storage and access

  • Ability to upload user’s proprietary data to private workspace


BasinPak Membership allows users access to available data in a given region for a subscription fee. Subscription tier options are offered at variable time scales to meet your company's data consumption needs.

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    Individual or multiple basin subscriptions (Midland, Williston, Anadarko BasinPak)

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    Individual or numerous regional subscriptions (Permian or Rockies Region BasinPak)

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    Subscribing to all regions (All BasinPak)

The catalyst for geologic and petrophysical insight for asset investigation

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    Subscribers receive monthly updated regional property maps including mineralogy, brittleness index, organic content, maturity, saturations, etc.

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    Subscribers also receive extracted properties at every horizontal well for screening production performance based on geological conditions using tools like SpotFire and Power BI.

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    Petrophysical model integrates laboratory rock analysis from the Premier Sample Library database for the most accurate commercial geologic interpretation available.

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    Modeled log and rock sample data is meticulously quality controlled, depth matched, and conditioned to improve geologic consistency and prediction accuracy.

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    Users can tie subsurface reservoir conditions, rock properties and historical production data for finding overlooked acreage, target risk assessment and making capital allocation decisions.

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    Aggregated products are georeferenced using ESRI ArcGIS Pro and easily import to software like (Petrel, Decision Space, Kingdom Suite, Geographix, Petra, ArcGIS, etc.)

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    Interrogate both geologic properties and completion parameters driving production performance across your acreage.

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