New Strategic Partnership, BasinPak+


25th August 2022 – Premier Corex, United States

Premier Corex is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with ProdiGeology, Inc.

ProdiGeology, Inc. is a fast-growing geoscience and reservoir consulting company focused on developing aggregated data analytics products to assist clients in making informed investment decisions related to oil and gas assets in the United States. Premier Corex has continued to enhance its subsurface geological dataset and increase the number of rock samples available for analysis in the Premier Sample Library through private donations and partnerships like its public-private partnership with Texas Tech University providing access to the TTU core repository in Midland, TX. Our clients continue to leverage our existing subsurface datasets and access our sample library of core and drill cutting to illuminate the subsurface by calibrating petrophysical and geological models with real rock data.

Now, in partnering with ProdiGeology, we expand our capabilities to better serve our valued customers by offering ready-made petrophysical and geological products utilizing the BasinPak dataset that can be quickly integrated into investment decisions or validate proprietary information.

Learn more about BasinPak+ face to face at IMAGE 2022, booth 512.

Don’t miss the U-Pitch presentation by the CEO of ProdiGeology, Derek Buster, on August 30th, at 3 pm. – Download/view the BasinPak+ brochure

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