New Name, True to our Core


24th August 2022 – Premier Corex, United States

We are excited to embrace Premier Corex as our new company name globally. We believe the name Premier Corex reflects our commitment to service our clients in a continuously evolving energy industry and our pledge to be leaders in global energy transition and sustainability. We are excited to unify all our employees under this new name while we remain true to our core – Illuminating the Subsurface.

Premier Corex is a global leader in aggregating, generating, and applying rock and fluid data to understand better, explore, and develop earth resources. We have assembled world-class experts, laboratories, and platforms to produce data, make it readily accessible, and help our clients apply it effectively. We believe the data-driven energy industry is here and that generating and sharing relevant data from rock and fluid samples is the key to more effective and efficient resource development.

We have established new business models that facilitate cost-effective data generation through cost-sharing approaches and that help groups of clients solve common challenges through shared data workspaces. We believe in preserving and curating subsurface samples and data, using them to address the challenges of today’s energy industry and tomorrow’s resource opportunities. These new ways of doing business set Premier apart from other testing-focused laboratories.

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The Data-Driven Oil & Gas Industry Is Moving Fast

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