Premier Corex and TEVERRA (formerly PETROLERN) Announce Strategic Alliance


11st May 2023 – Premier Corex, United States

Providing excellence in geoscience and engineering solutions for large-scale geothermal projects

Premier Corex and Teverra announce the formation of a strategic alliance to provide rock and fluids testing combined with engineering and geoscience consulting for the geothermal energy industry.

As the market continues to expand to include geothermal energy, there needs to be more specific data to support these new developments. A better understanding of the reservoirs to maximize their potential and the inherent risks within these projects is paramount. Through the combination of Premier Corex’s world-class rock and fluids laboratories, its extensive data library, and Teverra’s growing technology portfolio and expertise, asset developments can now take a holistic approach that utilizes what used to be disparate data sources to create actionable intelligence.

Under this strategic alliance, Premier Corex, a global leader in aggregating, generating, and applying rock and fluid data, will leverage its state-of-the-art laboratories to generate essential data for Teverra, a pioneering provider of low-carbon subsurface solutions. This collaboration will enable comprehensive thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling and design for companies involved in the development of large-scale geothermal projects.

Randal Wichuk, President and CEO of Premier Corex, states, “Companies engaged in geothermal resource development seek a deeper understanding of the subsurface and the viability of large-scale geothermal projects, as we strive to meet the world’s current and future energy demands. Through this strategic alliance, we not only empower these companies to evaluate project feasibility by illuminating the subsurface but also enable our clients to optimize energy potential from these resources in a cost-effective manner. We are thrilled to partner with Teverra, further solidifying our commitment to energy transition.”

Dr. Hamed Soroush, Founder and CEO of Teverra, states, “This partnership is focused on providing more robust and impactful solutions for geothermal operators with the integration of high-quality data and value-added data-driven solutions. This is required for efficient and reliable development of geothermal resources and will be vital as we scale this baseload energy source. We are very excited about combining our decades of subsurface expertise and innovations with Premier Corex’s extensive experience in rock and fluid data generation and integration in order to make geothermal profitable. Ultimately, we are putting the puzzle pieces together to create empowering intelligence to push the energy transition forward in a cost effective and safer manner.”

About Premier Corex, LLC
Premier Corex is a global leader in the aggregation, generation, and application of rock and fluid data, utilizing it to better understand, explore and develop earth resources to ensure we can meet the world’s energy demands in an environmental and sustainable way. It is founded on the belief that the data-driven energy industry is here and generating and sharing relevant data from rock and fluid samples is the key to illuminating the subsurface and providing more effective and efficient resource development. Premier Corex has assembled world-class experts, laboratories, and platforms to produce subsurface data, make it readily accessible and help its clients apply the data effectively for carbon storage and geothermal projects. Visit Premier Corex’s website to learn more.

About Teverra
Teverra is a leading-edge technology and consulting company working on subsurface solutions for geothermal, carbon storage, and traditional hydrocarbon projects. We conduct cutting edge R&D and execute global projects to increase our client’s profitability while minimizing their environmental footprint. Our green energy initiative begins with supporting the evolution of the carbon storage and geothermal markets and helping oil and gas operators lower their carbon footprint by providing energy transition solutions. Our core competencies include resource assessment, geomechanics, rock physics, reservoir engineering, applied artificial intelligence, visualization, and software development. We apply these skills to optimize drilling, completions, stimulation, and production, plus providing high-resolution subsurface monitoring. Visit Teverra’s website to learn more.

Contact: Bradi Cruz
Global Marketing Director, Premier Corex
Kerry Fellers
Director of Business Development, Teverra

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