Premier Oilfield Laboratories Acquires Assets Of ConocoPhillips Subsurface Laboratory

Premier Oilfield Laboratories, LLC (Premier) announced today it has acquired the assets of the ConocoPhillips Subsurface Laboratory located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  These assets will supplement Premier’s existing operations in Houston, Aberdeen and Cairo, providing a broad array of specialized laboratory equipment, research scientists, and work flows to offer a larger cross-section of technical solutions to optimize production from both conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.

“Following Premier’s acquisitions of MUD Geo-Chemical, LLC in September 2016 and COREX UK LTD in December 2016, the addition of the Subsurface Laboratory assets and select staff members significantly expands the technology-leading services Premier brings to the global oil and gas industry,” said Premier’s CEO Steve Cobb.  “By coupling the information generated using these world-class laboratory systems with our engineering expertise and modelling capabilities, our team of technical experts can provide value-creating solutions to the most difficult reservoir and completions problems, such as optimal lateral wellbore placement and frac design.”

The acquisition of the Subsurface Laboratory assets is consistent with ConocoPhillips’ 2016 decision to decommission the Subsurface component of its Bartlesville labs.

Premier’s recent acquisitions have sequentially added High Resolution Chemo-Stratigraphy with proprietary mineral models, best-in-class Formation Damage evaluation; physical and numerical EOR simulations; reservoir fluids testing and modelling; extensive Rock Mechanics capabilities; and unique work-flows for characterizing unconventional reservoir rocks.  These added capabilities complement the stimulation fluids, production fluids, analytical and Geo-Science laboratories that were the original foundation of Premier.

About Premier Oilfield Laboratories: Premier Oilfield Laboratories brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts who utilize breakthrough technologies and progressive approaches to help our clients understand how to better design exploration and exploitation strategies, optimize production and mitigate risk.

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SOURCE Premier Oilfield Laboratories, LLC

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