Premier Expands Completion Workflows with NSI Technologies Acquisition

Premier Oilfield Laboratories, LLC (PREMIER) is pleased to announce that it has acquired NSI Technologies, LLC (NSI).  NSI is a leading petroleum industry software and consulting firm specializing in one thing – the design, optimization, and execution of hydraulic fracturing treatments for operators worldwide. The company was formed in 1984 by Dr. Ken Nolte and Dr. Michael Smith who co-developed the Nolte-Smith plot for net treating pressure analysis and the ‘G’ function for fracturing pressure decline analysis. These provided the first analysis tools for interpreting fracture geometry, fluid loss, and efficiency. NSI provides a unique combination of fracture and reservoir engineering products and services, including StimPlanTM, the state-of-the-art frac design software that provides the client with value added solutions.

NSI CEO, Mike Smith said, “I am excited by this combination. Premier is building a strong, integrated technology company and their existing services, such as routine & special core testing, provide the valuable inputs needed for stimulation design and fracturing/reservoir simulation. The goal is to use the new organization to push the boundaries for optimization of hydraulic fracturing.” (PRNewsfoto/Premier Oilfield Laboratories,)

PREMIER, with 8 facilities on three continents, will contribute industry leading competency to the combined company through its high-resolution reservoir characterization and completion optimization solutions for unconventional reservoirs.  PREMIER is working with customers in conventional and unconventional plays globally. The combined business will be able to further key customer touchpoints from core through stimulation workflows in the United States, and deliver this expertise to the international market through the acquisition of COREX earlier this year.

PREMIER CEO Steve Cobb stated, “NSI and Dr. Smith have been technology leaders in applying hydraulic fracturing to enhance reservoir economics.  Incorporating NSI’s 3-dimensional StimPlanTM software with the geoscience and reservoir engineering solutions provided by PREMIER will provide our customers with a value proposition that is unique to the industry.”

About Premier Oilfield Laboratories: Premier brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts who utilize breakthrough technologies and progressive approaches to help our clients understand how to better design exploration and exploitation strategies, optimize production, and mitigate risk. Please visit Premier Oilfield Laboratories at

About NSI: NSI’s services include fracture treatment design, execution, and analysis; reservoir engineering related to the design and evaluation of fractured wells; fracturing and reservoir-related computer software; rock; and industry training courses.  These services provide an integrated approach to supply the client with reliable answers and cost-effective solutions to their tough fracturing problems. Please visit

SOURCE Premier Oilfield Laboratories, LLC

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