Premier Corex Announces the Launch of its datastak™ Online Marketplace

Premier Corex, LLC (“Premier”) is pleased to announce the launch of its datastak™ online marketplace following a successful period of beta testing with key industry partners.

Building on its acquisition of the Premier Sample Library (“PSL”) – formerly the Midland International Sample Library – in December 2017, the company has assembled a team of over 60 geoscientists and data analysts to produce consistent, accurate rock property data from its collection of over 50 million core and cuttings samples.  Results from over 2,000 samples are being added to the database each day.

The datastak™ platform allows subscribers to explore the geospatial location of PSL samples and associated data, identify wells, samples, and datapoints of interest, license available data, and request analysis of samples that have yet to be processed. 

The platform also features companion log files and built-in decision-making tools, such as the ability to create cross-sections, customize tops and structures, upload user-generated geological models, and create 2D and 3D property maps and surfaces.

Explaining the company’s vision for datastak™, Premier’s CEO, Matt Bell, said: “Geoscientists and engineers across the country are going to find this unique source of rock property information incredibly valuable. They will be able to construct more reliable models based on this new input information and bring a much-improved geological dimension into well planning and well performance analysis. And, since we’re performing all the analysis in-house, the data will be incredibly consistent – something that’s impossible to achieve using public data or datasets merged from multiple legacy sources.”

Premier is offering a range of datastak™ subscription options to cater for individual, small company, and large enterprise users.  For a free preview, visit

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