Premier Corex Announces Patrick Keenan as CEO

Premier Corex, LLC (PREMIER) is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick (Paddy) Keenan as CEO, beginning October 28, 2019.

Mr. Keenan is an executive with unique experience in both the US and international oil and gas industries. Since 1992 he has held leadership roles in a number of oilfield service companies, including technology start-ups, and was also the CEO of an E&P company. These include GeoMechanics International, Coherence Technology Company, NUMAR Corporation, Guardian Global Technologies, and FRAM Exploration ASA.

He began his forty five-year oilfield career as a petroleum geologist providing mudlogging and wellsite geological consulting services both on- and off-shore in the US, the North Sea, West Africa and the Middle East. After leaving the field, he spent the subsequent 14 years in various international and US based Operations, Sales and Marketing management positions, initially at Baker Hughes Inc. and, later, at Sperry-Sun Drilling Services, and Baroid Corporation (now Halliburton).

PREMIER Chairman Steve Horn stated, “We are excited to have Paddy as CEO. He has an outstanding track record of successfully building oilfield service technology companies and knows Premier’s team and capabilities well, having been a director since the company was founded. With our expanding growth opportunities in both North America and overseas, Paddy brings strong leadership, great experience, knowledge and relationships to take the company to the next level.”

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