Premier COREX Awarded for Driving Innovation that Will Improve Recovery and Reduce Risk for Operators

Outputs of Premier COREX patented 3D Quantification technique[2]

11th December 2019 – Aberdeen, United Kingdom

COREX – a Premier Corex company (Premier COREX) – a leading international service company operating in Aberdeen has been recognised for their commitment to developing innovative ideas and solutions by being placed 4th in the UK Intellectual Property (IP) League Table. The IP100 profiles and ranks innovative companies within the UK’s private sector considered to be the most effective at showcasing creativity, entrepreneurship and commercialising valuable IP assets.

Officially recognised as an IP rich business for the fourth consecutive year, Premier COREX has shot up the table and also celebrate being the only Oil and Gas company to feature within the top twenty of all categorised IP100 League tables (Patent IP100 ranked 11th, Software IP100 ranked 5th, Brand and Reputation IP100 ranked 3rd, Trade Secrets IP100 ranked 12th and Critical Databases ranked 10th).

Premier COREX, who were acquired by Premier Corex, LLC (Premier) in 2016, is an international service provider of improved hydrocarbon recovery analytical services including formation damage analysis and simulation, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), improved oil recovery (IOR), core analysis, geological services and reservoir fluid analysis. The combined group operate centres of excellence across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the United States.

For over four decades, a strong IP system has been fundamental to the continued growth and success of the company, designing innovative work scopes and solutions to maintain their competitive advantage as a world leader in formation damage analysis. Delivering high quality studies at an unrivalled pace, Premier COREX advanced coreflood simulations and analytical and consultancy services, thoroughly investigate alteration to the near wellbore during well operations including any enhanced oil/hydrocarbon recovery methods. Bespoke simulators and specialist diagnostics, processes and patents examine the alteration of the rock to provide solutions on how to improve field performance with greater hydrocarbon recovery.

Securing 53% of international business through their intellectual property, Premier COREX continue to strive to push the boundaries of technology and sustain a culture of innovation for their clients.  Graham Robertson, Vice President International Sales & Business Development said, “Premier COREX are thrilled to once again be recognised for our commitment to developing innovative ideas and solutions aimed to support our clients to improve recovery factor and reduce risk in their everyday operations. Our position in the IP100 League demonstrates the time and effort of our employees in developing our intellectual property portfolio. It is so rewarding that we have once again been recognised by Metis Partners on the national stage and we look forward to continuing to develop ideas and solutions to strengthen our position as a world leader in hydrocarbon recovery.”

Premier COREX are no stranger to award success receiving both innovation and technology awards as well as focus recognition awards from major global clients. Having such a strong IP system, that is so well-regarded, is the foundation from which the company continues to grow and strengthen and is something they are proud to lead in the oil and gas sector worldwide.

Contact: Jennifer Blundell
Company: Premier COREX
Telephone: 01224 770434

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